Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Correcting Historical Facts

When researching family history you sometimes come across information that you feel is not right, and where ever you look you see that this fact is repeated time after time. In the case of genealogy, this can lead you down the wrong path and causes you to research a family that has nothing to do with you. An incorrect fact can also have an effect on history itself, you only have to look at Richard III's story to know that.

While researching the life of Thomas Vaughan who was Chamberlain to Edward (the eldest of the Princes in the Tower) I came to the conclusion that history had confused Vaughan with other Welsh men of that name for there were at least three with the exact same name living at the same time, one of the three is Thomas Vaughan, who was son of Roger Vaughan and Margaret, daughter of James Tuchet, Baron Audley, the widow of Richard Grey, Lord Powis. This is easily done and quite understandable.

When I was working on the chapter of my blog The Children of Thomas Vaughan I felt that I should put the record straight and do my little bit towards correcting history.

One place who had attached Thomas Vaughan to the wrong family was Westminster Abbey (where Vaughan is buried) their website stated that he was of the family of Vaughan of Tretower in Wales, my research proved otherwise. After being in contact with the archivist at the abbey we talked about our sources of information. After a few emails, they agreed with me and changed Thomas Vaughan's page to read that he was the son of Robert Vaughan of Monmouth and his wife Margaret and not of the Tretower Vaughans.

You can access this page here

I must say I feel quite proud of my achievement, it was only a small thing I know, but at least I had some say in making sure that information presented about Thomas Vaughan is correct.
You can also read about Thomas Vaughan's family here.

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