Sunday, 30 July 2017

Smith of Leicester: Susanna Smith

Who was Susanna Smith? I know that she was my 6th great grandmother, but her name, the date of her marriage and her death are all I know. By looking at the village in which she lived and the era that she lived in I think I found an answer.

It is in the small village of Barkby, that lies just south of Syston and four miles south-east of Leicester, that we first meet Susanna Smith. Susanna is the last of my Smith ancestors, where she came from, who her parents were and where they lived, is at present, a mystery.

 If you take a stroll through Barkby today and take away the cars, the telegraph poles and satellite dishes you will find it much as it was centuries ago, you will still see the village's babbling brook, brick footbridge, framework knitters cottages, and it local public house (parts of which date back to 1245.) Susanna first appears here (in records at least) in the early part of the 18th century, as a single woman alone in the village with no family.

The story of my last Smith ancestor continues on my website

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