Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Execution of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey

The 19th January 1547 saw the execution of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. He had been charged with high treason and found guilty.
Howard has been branded 'reckless and arrogant' and he was a bit of a rebel in his youth. He had a noteworthy military career and was a religious reformer, a suspected supporter of Anne Askew who perished at the stake for her religion only six months previous, at her death she is said to have quoted one of Howard's poems. Howard, just like Askew was interrogated by Thomas Wriothesley.
Henry Howard was the last person to be executed during the reign of Henry VIII. 
He had been sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, but this was later commuted to beheading, his father, the Duke of Norfolk was luckier, he escaped the executioners blade only because Henry had died before the execution could be carried out.
Henry Howard was first buried at All Saints Church in Barking, however his remains were later removed by his son to Framlingham in Suffolk.
His beautifully decorated tomb you can see below.

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