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Family History in Devon

Mewey of Meavy

Alice Povey Illustration @

The roots of the Mewey family are embedded in the Dumnonii culture of the West Country, and they can be found mentioned in documents dated over thirty years before ​the Norman Conquest.

Photograph Credit: P Kessler/The History Files

 Dumnonia is present day Devon, the origin of its name is in the Saxon version of a word the Celts were using before the arrival of the Romans, a variant of the Celtic god Dumnono or Dubno. The area this ancient land covered was the whole of the southwest peninsula, stretching from the banks of the River Parrett in Somerset and the River Axe in Dorset ending at lands end, the very tip of Cornwall.  Following the arrival of the Saxons in 450, Dumnonia separated into two distinct areas, the Cornovii people giving their name to Cornwall and in 936 King Athelstan finalised this seperaton by setting the boarder between Devon and
​Cornwall at the River Tamar. 

The introduction to the Mewey family can be found on my website

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