Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sir Walter Raleigh on Trial at Winchester Castle

On the 17th November 1603, in the Great Hall at Winchester Castle, Sir Walter Raleigh stood in his own defense at his trial for treason. He had been accused of plotting against James I. 

A man of many talents Raleigh may have been, but a lawyer was not one of them. He was unsuccessful in his case despite his calls to have Henry Brooke, Lord Cobham, the alleged leader of the plot, brought into the proceedings. Raleigh stated:

"it is strange to see how you press me still with my Lord Cobham, and yet will not produce him......he is in the househard by, and may soon be brought hither; let him be produced, and if he will yet accuse me or avow this confession of his,it shall convict me and ease you of further proof."

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