Friday, 18 November 2016

King Henry III

The Statutes of Marlborough

When Simon de Montfort returned to England from France, he perceived Henry III to be a weak king and with the barons aching for a fight, it was de Montfort who stepped in to take charge.

In 1258 this action culminated in the Provisions of Oxford, a law that served to limit Henry’s power. Henry’s refusal to accept the Provisions of Westminster the following year saw Montfort’s power base grow rapidly, and by 1263 he was all ​but wearing the crown. 

he following year at the Battle of Lewes, Henry, his son the future Edward I, and Richard, Duke of Cornwall were taken prisoner but another year later the tables were turned. At the Battle of Evesham, Simon de Montfort died a grisly death, but Henry's troubles were not over yet. 

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