Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ludford Bridge, 12th October 1459

On the 12th October 1459 the Yorkist army regrouped at Ludford Bridge following their victory at Blore Heath less than a month earlier. Discouraged by the size of Henry VI's army, the Yorkist retreated finding themselves opposite the Lancastrians across the River Teme. During the night many of York's army deserted, followed by a retreat the next morning, many of York's men following the traitor Andrew Trollope who had decided to switch sides.

The Battle of Ludford Bridge saw no noble deaths (because there was no battle) but as you can imagine with such a large desertion in the Yorkist ranks the victors of the 'battle' were the Lancastrians.

You can read a (Lancastrian) account of the events of this day in the Roll of the Parliament head at Coventry a month later on my website.

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