Thursday, 6 October 2016

Family History: Hunt of Barnstaple and Braunton

The story of the lives of men and women such as my Hunt ancestors more often than not pass through time unnoticed, yet their story is as important to history as those of the famous and whose names we hear over and over again. Researching a family's history from a personal point of view is rewarding, but it is important because through our ancestors we can see the affect of actions, by those who rule and govern, have on our country and ultimately ourselves.

The agricultural labourer witnessed many changes in his rural society, my first Hunt ancestor was living in Barnstaple in the early reign of King Charles I, this small West Country port changed from Royalist to Parliamentarians and back again no fewer that four times and this affected trade, driving my ancestors to find work in the countryside.
The second generation of Hunt ancestors were born just a few days into a country that was governed, not by a anointed king, but a Lord Protector.

The story of my West Country ancestors the Hunt family can be read on my website. 

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