Saturday, 11 June 2016

Thomas Vaughan: The Beginning of the End

Chapter Nine: The Arrest

Edward’s mighty castle at Ludlow stands on a raised area of land overlooking the River Teme that lies on its western and southern borders, the town itself lies on the castle's eastern side. The original castles foundations were built some twenty five years following the conquest of England, and by the beginning of the 14th century it was under the ownership of Roger Mortimer, the one time lover of Edward II’s queen. By 1425 it was the principal residence Richard, Duke of York and soon to be a symbol of Yorkist authority. Edward IV and his brother Edmund were both educated at Ludlow and in 1473 Edward established a home here for his young son, entrusting family and loyal members of his court with the princes care and education. The medieval household was strictly hierarchical, each position was placed in order of importance and at its head a person of equal importance to the lord, and Edward's household was no different.

“To Love and Wait Upon” is the motto of Sir Thomas Vaughan. Vaughan was a knight, an administrator and Chamberlain to Edward V yet he is only ever mentioned as one of the three men executed, in 1485, on the order of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Vaughan held an important role in the court of Edward IV, yet very few people are interested in him. Here is my attempt at telling his story.

Thomas Vaughan’s story continues on my website.

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