Saturday, 4 June 2016

Thomas Vaughan: At Ludlow

Chapter Eight: At The Court of the Prince of Wales.

Having defeated the Lancastrians, Edward arrived triumphant at the city's gates and along with him, and heading for the tower was Margaret of Anjou. Before Edward could settle into his second attempt at kingship, there was the problem of what to do with the other man still holding that title, Henry VI, however, that problem was soon resolved. The matter of the incarcerated king was discussed at length by Edward, his brothers and their close advisers and a decision made, it was probably Richard who was sent to inform the Constable of the Tower of the King's decision. Henry was more than likely smothered, to all it would look like the king died in his sleep. Henry’s death is dated to 17th of May, only eighteen days following Edward’s victory at Tewkesbury, historians still argue over who was responsible for this poor man's demise.

“To Love and Wait Upon” is the motto of Sir Thomas Vaughan. Vaughan was a knight, an administrator and Chamberlain to Edward V yet he is only ever mentioned as one of the three men executed, in 1485, on the order of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Vaughan held an important role in the court of Edward IV, yet very few people are interested in him. Here is my attempt at telling his story.
Thomas Vaughan’s story continues on my website. 

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