Saturday, 21 May 2016

Sir Thomas Vaughan

 Chapter Six 
Dismissing the Myth

“To Love and Wait Upon” is the motto of Sir Thomas Vaughan. Vaughan was a knight, an administrator and Chamberlain to Edward V yet he is only ever mentioned as one of the three men executed, in 1485, on the order of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Vaughan held an important role in the court of Edward IV, yet very few people are interested in him. 
Here is my attempt at telling his story.
Chapter Six: Dismissing the Myths: The Children of Thomas Vaughan.
Just as history has mixed up Thomas Vaughan and his contemporaries with regard to their military and administrative careers it has done the same with his family life. My research has found no mention of a wife, although a document in the Chancery records in the early reign of Henry VII shows a case of Raulyns Versus Boughchier where it states a Richard Raulyns, son and heir to Alice, late the wife of Thomas Vaughan, Knight. All Thomas Vaughan’s of this period (there were five!!) wives are named, an Alice is not one of them. This is intriguing, but it is not proof.

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