Sunday, 10 April 2016

Marriage a la Mode: William Hogarth

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William Hogarth, artist and satirist, was born in 1697 in London, his paintings gives us a glimpse of eighteenth​century England at a time when few had much and many had little and this comes across in many of his images.
Three of his most famous works are A Rakes Progress, Gin Lane and the one pictured here Marriage a la Mode

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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Death of Edward IV

King Edward IV is said to have been tall and handsome, a charismatic and affable character, but in months before his death that man had long since disappeared and in his place, according to Dominic Mancini, was a

 "a tall man and very fat though not the point of deformity." who had "to take an emetic for the delight of gorging his stomach  for this reason.........he had grown fat in the loins."
On the  9th April 1483 King Edward IV died suddenly and unexpectedly, his death has been attributed to pneumonia, ​typhoid, or appendicitis. Mancini's suggested that during a fishing trip Edward had "allowed the damp cold to strike his vitals."  Many of his court must have known, but dare not say, that it was Edward himself who was to blame for the situation he now found himself in, and they would have been right, only nineteen days before his forty second birthday his hedonistic life of drinking, sexual pleasure had finally caught up with him.

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