Friday, 25 March 2016

Leicestershire Family History

Thringstone and the Toones

It is now time to move away from Somerset and my 13th century ancestors the Mohuns and from the Mitchells my 19th century ancestors in the county of Cornwall and travel all the way up country to Leicestershire.

Thringstone in Leicestershire was the home of my 4x great grandfather James Toone, he was born there in 1767.

Thringstone is a village in the north east of the country, many of its inhabitants at that time were employed in the frame work knitting industry, but with the arrival of the cotton mills my family were forced to find work elsewhere and that meant a move to the coalfields of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Just over two hundred years before the birth of James there were only twenty six families in Thringstone and only forty two in the two neighouring villages of Whitwick and Swannington.

Where was everybody? Well, in the late 14th century the Black Death devastated the village seeing off nearly everybody. 
My family, it seems, were one of the lucky ones.

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