Sunday, 14 February 2016

Richard II

February 13th 1400 is traditionally thought to be the date of death of Richard II.

Many would argue that Richard's deposition by Henry Bolingbroke was justified, however his lonely death in a dungeon 
in the bowels of Ponitfract Castle in Yorkshire, supposedly by starvation, was murder. And just as Henry Tudor did, nearly eighty five years in the future, Henry Bolingbroke would have to work hard to prove that he was the rightful king and not a usurper who had taken the throne illegally.

Richard II had inherited the throne of England at the age of ten. Four years later, in 1381, he successfully ended the 
Peasant Revolt, but followed this great achievement with extravagances and favouritism, all of which alienated a number of high ranking lords.

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