Saturday, 6 February 2016

Arrests as Stoney Stratford 29th April 1483

Sheriff Hutton, Middleham Castle and Pontefract Castle 

If Richard, Duke of Gloucester's initial intention was to execute Anthony Rivers, Richard Grey and Thomas Vaughan, after arresting them at Stoney Stratford in 1483, why not send them straight to Pontefract Castle instead of holding them separately for over eight weeks in three different castles?
This question has puzzled me for years.
The reason why I believe Gloucester chose to do this can be found on my website in Chapter Ten of my blog on Sir Thomas Vaughan which is entitled:

Sheriff Hutton, Middleham Castle and Pontefract Castle ..........Why?
It begins
"There are those who believe that Vaughan, Rivers and Grey were not granted a trial and were murdered on a direct order of Gloucester......."

My blog continues at 

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