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Thomas Vaughan, Chamberlain to Edward V, story continues.....

The Beaufort Patronage 
Wales and London

The exact link between the Beaufort's and particularly Edmund Beaufort and the young Thomas Vaughan is not known, he may or may not have known Vaughan personally, it may be that as a young boy he was placed as a page in one of Beaufort’s households, but as he grew into adulthood it was Edmund Beaufort, along with Adam Moleyns, Bishop of Chichester, who sponsored his claim for denizenship, this granted Vaughan rights that all Englishmen had, that is protection under the law, being able to own and dispose of property and take legal action in the English courts. 

In the years that Thomas Vaughan grew from a boy into a man, Edmund Beaufort had made a name for himself in France as a commander of English forces following his alleged affair with the widowed Catherine of Valois, it has been speculated that the baby born to Catherine in 1431 was Beaufort’s, an idea based on the fact he was named Edmund! This ‘dalliance’ with the queen did not harm Beauforts career, he was continually given important posts in France, created Earl of Dorset and Knight of the Garter in 1438. He controversially replaced Richard Duke of York as Lieutenant of France in 1447, resulting in great animosity between the two men.
By this time Thomas Vaughan was in his early twenties, he had worked his way up the administrative ladder eventually being responsible for managing and receiving all the revenue of estates in Abergavenny. 

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