Friday, 25 September 2015

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Today, the 25th of September is the anniversary of a fierce battle that was to play an important part in shaping our country, not Hastings, which was less than a month later, but the Battle of Stamford Bridge in the County of Yorkshire.

Five days before the battle, Harald Hardrada, King of Norway and his English ally Tostig Godwinson, who was angry because he had not been given the Earldom of Northumbria the previous year, sailed up the Ouse with over ten thousand men. 

Only four days after hearing of the invasion, Harold Godwinson marched the hundred and eighty miles to east Yorkshire and surprised the invaders at Stamford Bridge. Previous the the onset of the battle, Harold had tried to persuade his brother to return and fight for his cause, promising him the Earldom of Northumbria, but Tostig was not interested, as he felt sure that the invaders were in a strong position. 

For the story of an axe wielding Norsemen and an English hero in a boat please click on the link.

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