Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Giants Hedge, Cornwall

One day the devil, having nothing to do,
Built a great hedge from Lerryn to Looe.

The parish church at St Veep is set high on a hill and looks down onto wide meadows and flower filled cornfields and from this point can be seen a great earthwork called The Giants Hedge that dates from the Anglo-Saxon period.
Just as the poem states, it runs from Lerryn to Looe, through Kilminorth Woods and beside the West Looe river. Over ten miles in length parts of this hedge run along a winding ridge and at one point is over twelve foot high, therefore we can take it that it was a structure of some importance.
There is not too much to be seen of this once magnificent Cornish hedge, but in its day it is believed to have been part of a defensive dyke. It could also well have been built along side an ancient roadway that once ran along the ridge, firmer footing for horses and carts, the hedge would have been some sort of boundary separating the fields from the road.

In my blog of April this year I also talk about Cornish Hedges.

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