Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Meandering Through Time My Home Page

I like to post a blog on here most days, sometimes they are what I call Mini History Blogs and other times they are more substantial. For theses blogs I use my website, and if you are a regular reader then you will know that I often send you to my website to continue reading. Today I thought that I would upload my Home Page for you all to see. 

Welcome to Meandering Through Time

                               Family History and Other Historical Rambling



The Knight , illustrated by Alice Povey 

Hello there, I am pleased to meet you. 
My site is mainly about my family history, here you will find me rambling on about my ancestors.

  I cover other aspects of history too, I have two blog pages, one that talks about history in general and another that covers the Wars of the Roses. There is a photography page where I try to use my own photographs to illustrate a particular subject, and there is a page that will link you to other peoples sites.

So, i
f you are interested in history or family history, then have a look through some of my pages, you never know, you may find one of your ancestorhanging around with mine.
I'll see you later

Important Stuff
All works © Meandering Through Time 2014.
Please do not reproduce all or any part without the expressed written consent of Meandering Through Time.
NB Some of the work here on my website is work in progress, and as such will be updated from time to time. As I am not an accredited historian and only human I expect that sometimes there may be errors in my text. All corrections and additions will be welcomed and appreciated and you can do this via my contact page.  

Here is the link to my Home Page


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