Saturday, 11 July 2015

Thomas Vaughan of Monmouth

"To Love and Wait Upon"
The remains of Pontifract Castle's keep.

  The above motto is carved on the tomb of my ancestor Sir Thomas Vaughan at Westminster Abbey. It also sits at the head of my introduction to my blog on Thomas Vaughan which begins:

"It was on the 25th June 1483 that three men were executed for treason at Pontifract Castle in Yorkshire on charges of conspiracy and plotting against Richard, Duke of Gloucester. These men were Anthony, Earl Rivers and Richard Grey, brother and son of Edward IV’s queen ElizabethWoodville, the third man was Thomas Vaughan, chamberlain to Edward, Prince of Wales."
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NB: 19th August 2015
Thomas Vaughan's story has been update and a new chapter added, it can still be viewed on my website

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