Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sir Renaud de Karihaes and Lienosus.

The Hilarious Antics of the Medieval Duo 

Before they set off for their adventures, let me introduce you to my medieval family.

Here they are, all gathered by the walls of their country pile for a knees up at the annual get together of family and friends.

 Firstly, lets look at Lienosus himself, the grumpy one, here he is with his master, Sir Renaud, who is all decked out in his finest red and blue party outfit. One thing you will notice about Lienosus over the course of his adventures is that his coat is often a different colour, he is a dapple grey at present. Lieonsus can always persuade the local blacksmith to 'do a colour' when he comes to give him a short, back and sides. He is moody and usually grumpy but has been with Sir Renaud since he was a cute little foal. In those days he loved nothing more than galloping around the fields of Karihaes getting his tiny horsey hooves dirty in the wet mud. He has grown into a loyal and somewhat cheeky friend who bosses his master about, he speaks his mind, and more often than not it is he who gets his master out of a sticky situation, and as you will soon find out, he has done this on more than one occasion. 

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