Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mini History Blogs: Kathrine of Valois

The remains of Katherine of Valois by Samuel Pepys (according to his diary in 1669.)
......"I now took to Westminster Abbey, it being Shrove Tuesday;and here we did see, by particular favour, the body of Queen Katerine of Valois; and I had the upper part of her body in my hands, and I did kiss her mouth, reflecting upon it that I did kiss a Queen, and that this was my birthday, thirty six years old, that I did first kiss a Queen. When Henry the Seventh built his chapel, it was taken up and laid in this wooden coffin; but I did there see that, in it, the body was buried in a leaden one, which remains under the body to this day"
Not the actions of a normal man surely?

The image is of the wooden effigy of Katherine, it was made for her funeral and survives to this day in the Undercroft Museum at Westminster Abbey.

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