Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mini History Blogs: Isabella of Portugal

Isabella of Portugal was daughter of John of Portugal and Philippa of Lancaster, she was the granddaughter of John of Gaunt.
Born in 1397 Isabella married late in her life, she was thirty when she married Philip the Good who was one year older than her. In 1415 Isabella had received an offer of marriage from her cousin Henry V of England, but negotiations came to nothing and as we have seen Isabella remained unmarried.
In this painting Isabella is aged fifty three, it is early copy not the original, and was painted by an unknown artist. It is unusual in style as it is a profile pose, the artist may have been trying to portray Isabella in a "better light" with a "convincing yet elegant style." It may well be that Isabella was like her mother in looks, Philippa was thought to be rather plain.
A generous and intelligent woman, able to hold her own in diplomatic conferences Isabella was influential in the marriage arrangements of son Charles the Bold and the marriage of her great niece to James II of Scotland.
Isabella died in Dijon in 1471 after living a devout and quiet life.

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