Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mini History Blog: The Cornish Hedge

 It was a delight in the summer when all the wild flowers were at their best, an absolute heaven for an inquisitive child. Hour upon hour I spent sitting against that hedge, butterfly net and jam jar at the ready. What I was waiting to see was the bright green grasshopper with its funny, distinctive sound, the cute little snails with swirly patterns on their shells, furry little caterpillars who were destined for my jam jars, and the beautiful, beautiful array of butterflies that I hoped my collection of caterpillars would turn into. My favourite of all the creatures that lived in my grandparents hedge was the slippery slow worm, who I loved as he wound his way in and out of my little fingers.
All summer long I was kept amazed and fascinated.
This is an extract from my blog My love affair with the amazingly beautiful Cornish hedge.

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