Sunday, 21 June 2015

MiniHistoryBlogs: Catherine of Aragon

21st June 1529, Catherine of Aragon, appears in front of Cardinal Wolsey and Cardinal Campeggio at the Court at Blackfriars.

Testimonies were heard of both the King and Queen regarding the validity of their marriage, below is what the Catherine had to say. 

"Sir, I beseech you for all the love that hath been between us, and for the love of God, let me have justice and right. Take of me some pity and compassion, for I am a poor woman, and a stranger, born out of your dominion. I have here no assured friend and much less indifferent counsel. I flee to you, as to the head of justice within this realm. Alas, Sir, where have I offended you? Or what occasion have you of displeasure, that you intend to put me from you? I take God and all the world to witness that I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife, ever comfortable to your will and pleasure."

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