Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mini History Blog: William the Conqueror Villain or hero...what do you think?

William the Conqueror has been described as ruthless, a hard man, a ferocious warrior, harsh ruler, driving administrator and man of vigorous principles. He was also said to have had a fearsome temper and the will power that enabled him to strengthened Edward the Confessor's legal system and create a feudal society in England.

Hero or Villain.....What do you think?

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  1. Difficult question. We've had a few monarchs who didn't exactly have the support of the people. And the 'locals' hadn't been in charge for years. The Saxons that William defeated weren't natives. (Or the Vikings and Romans before them.) I think I'll sit on the fence on this one!

    1. These two comments are the extreme ends of a scale, maybe he was something in between. Oh for a crystal ball! I watched The History Boys recently, one of the boys was asked “How do I define history?" the answer he gave was "It's just one thing after another" This about sums history up, William and every other monarch/leader were just reacting to a particular situation, he did whatever came next, it just us who make more of it.