Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mini History Blogs: Lady Elizabeth FitzGerald by Steven van der Muelen.

Steven van der Muelen was one of the many Flemish artists in the court of Elizabeth I and here he captures Elizabeth as Lady Clinton.
Fair Geraldine, as she is commonly known, was famous for her beauty, this name is said to have derived from a poem by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.
"Fair all the pageant—but how passing fair
The slender form, that lay on couch of Ind!
O'er her white bosom strayed her hazel hair,
Pale her dear cheek, as if for love she pined;
All in her night-robe loose, she lay reclined,
And, pensive, read from tablet eburnine
Some strain that seemed her inmost soul to find: —
That favoured strain was Surrey's raptured line,
That fair and lovely form, the Lady Geraldine."

In the October of 1552, as the widow of Sir Anthony Browne, Elizabeth remarried. Her husband was Edward Clinton, Lord Clinton,from Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire, who had succeeded Thomas Seymour as Lord Admiral.
This portrait now resides at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.

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