Monday, 2 March 2015

Mini History Blogs: The Eye the Window to the Soul

The eye, as one of the oldest and most powerful symbols, has been called the "window to the soul" but it also represents watchfulness., for this reason the eye icon was used by the French police, as part of their uniform, on badges and buckles.

 Eye miniatures came into fashion during the reign of George III. The kings son, the Prince of Wales, later George IV, was infatuated with the widowed Maria Fitzherbert. He had commissioned an eye miniature as a token of love and was said to have worn it hidden from view. The prince had married Maria in 1785 but due to the fact that the king and his council had not been consulted the marriage was not valid. 
This event is said to have been the reason eye miniatures had become fashionable which is questionable since George is said to have kept it away from view due to the secrecy of their relationship.
Miniatures were certainly popular during the Georgian era and were often commissioned by the wealthy for sentimental reasons, just like keeping the hair of a loved one in a locket, a tradition that continues to the present day. The use of eye miniatures has become obsolete, probably due to the fact that most people, and I am one of them, find them some what disturbing.

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