Friday, 20 February 2015

Mini History Blogs: Wolf Hall Locations

Montacute House.

Montacute house, seen here, was featured in last nights episode of Wolf Hall It represents Greenwich Palace on the 24th January 1536.
It was at Greenwich Palace that Henry VIII was thought to be fatally injured after being crushed when the armoured horse he was riding landed on him following a fall.
The accident occurred at a tournament when Henry was forty-four years old, it ended his jousting career, aggravated serious leg problems which plagued him for the rest of his life, and is thought to have been the reason Ann Boleyn miscarried leading to her later downfall.
Filming for Wolf Hall took place at a number of National Trust properties, Montacute House being one of them also one of my favourite places Lacock Abbey and Penshurst Place.
I have added a link so you all can see where all Wolf Hall locations properties are situated.

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