Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mini History Blogs: A Tudor Family Tree

This Tudor family tree shows descent from Adam and Eve to Edward VI and includes some lovely detail such as the image of Richard III along with a note that reads:
'Richard that was sonne to Richard Dewke of Yorke & brother unto Kyng Edward the iiiith, was kyng after hys brother & raynyd ii yeres & lyth buryd at Lecitor, lies buried at Leicester.
This tree follows the normal pattern of noble genealogical charts in that it shows families incomplete or discontinued as we see here with Richard III. What is interesting about this particular tree is that there is no defined Tudor or Plantagenet grouping, we see just one 'big happy family!'
Richard's connection to his Plantagenet ancestors is in yellow and Henry VII royal blue line neatly attaches itself to the royal family of Edward III and then all the way back to Adam and Eve.

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