Friday, 20 February 2015

Mini History Blogs Thomas Cromwell, How do you pronounce his name?

Cromwell, Cremuel or Crumwell?

The National Archives hold a number of documents that supports Hilary Mantel’s 'well-researched facts' that are featured in both her books Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.
If you are watching the series you may have noticed that Thomas Cromwell is often referred to as ‘Cremuel’ or 'Crumwell.' As the National Archives points out Mantel has got this absolutely correct and you can see this in the receipt for payment to a Florentine sculptor.

"In episode 1 (Three Card Trick) of the BBC’s Wolf Hall, we saw Anne Boleyn playing with Cromwell’s name, pronouncing it as ‘Cremuel’, with a French accent. We can actually find examples of this exact spelling by French and Italian correspondents in the State Papers. The Spanish ambassador, Eustace Chapuys, is known to have spelled Cromwell’s name thus in correspondence to the Emperor Charles V and an Italian sculptor recorded this spelling in his receipt for a payment made to him on the King’s account by Cromwell "

Ruth Selman's articale for the National Archives makes interesting reading.

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