Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Historical Dramas...Like Them or Loath them?

 Wolf Hall, The Tudors, The White Queen....Television Historical Dramas

Of the new series to grace our screens, Wolf Hall, it has been said "fails to dazzle" its "dark, dull and boring" even "confusing." 

'Glamour' shows like The Tudors or the White Queen received equally scathing reviews, one critic writing no "slop-pots-'n'-rotten-teeth" and " far too clean and sparkly."

What do people want?

We either want a stab a reality, were the characters look like their worlds about to end (it mostly does, quite horribly ) or we want glitzy, happy smiley people oblivious to the fact that the executioners busily sharping his axe just outside the window. We either want the angry, gammy legged, bloated but real Henry VIII or we want an appealing, ageless, pin up boy (I'll pass on both).....I am confused!

In dramas, characters are either good or bad there seems to be no middle line. 

We are usually forced to admire More and dislike Cromwell or you admire Cromwell and dislike More. But with regard to both men I'm a pick and mix girl, admiring and disliking both men at the same time.

The lives and the actions of historical characters must be viewed and options formed, not from dramas or fiction, but from within the time that they lived because this affected the choices they made, rightly or wrongly. In reality their lives were not a six part TV serial !

Like my grandmother used to say about television, if you don't like it, turn if off!

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