Monday, 2 February 2015

Battle of Mortimer's Cross: 2nd February 1461

                                       The Fulfilment of a Prophecy 

The images below is a modern interpretation of the events leading up to Battle of Mortimer's Cross that forms part of a parchment held at the British Library. The original, dated between 1460 and 1470, is one of five pairs of miniatures "pairing an event of Edward's career with its biblical precedent " This part of the parchment is an allegorical representation of Edward's fulfilment of a prophecy witnessed the day before the battle, that is the sight, as mentioned yesterday, of three suns seen by Edward as the Holy Trinity and that God was on his side.

The Battlefields Trust write:

"The battle of Mortimer's Cross was fought in the middle of winter, well outside the normal campaign season. It took place when the Yorkist army of Edward, Earl of March, intercepted a Lancastrian force under Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, that was marching into England from South Wales. On the 2nd February 1461 (though some sources claim the 3rd), somewhere near Mortimer’s Cross Edward deployed the Yorkist army, probably on ground of his choosing and engaged the enemy. They defeated the Lancastrian army, though we know nothing of the detail of the action, and a number of Tudor’s commanders, including Jasper’s father Owen, were captured and later executed in Hereford." 

Please click on the link to The Battlefields Trust for a fuller account of this famous battle: 

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