Sunday, 25 January 2015

Strange Medieval Inventions:

Some form of diving apparatus that looks more like an elephant with its trunk in a twist!

What you see depicted here is a diving suit illustrated by Konrad Kyeser in his manuscript Bellifortis. 

Kyeser's book was the first illustrated manual of military technology, it summarises the work of ancient writers on military technology, and discusses the art of siege warfare. Lyn White in her review of Bellifortis: The First Technological Treatise of the Fifteenth Century states it:

"treats magic as a supplement to the military arts that is saturated with astrology.”

The Bellifortis, or War Fortification, is dated to the beginning of the fifteenth century. This elaborate collection of machines and technology, talks of ships, incendiary devices, crossbows and instruments of torture. Kyeser, it seems, was a big fan of Alexander the Great, writing at length about his technical abilities stating that he was a 

"great inventor of war devices" 

Great or not, even Alexander would have had a spot of trouble with this one!

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