Wednesday, 21 January 2015

George Duke of Clarence

            The Beginning of the End....Questions, so many Questions!

Poor George!

Should we call him that? Should we feel sorry for him?
 What was the reason he found himself on trial for treason this week in 1478?

George, the third son of Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville has been described as misunderstood and ambitious, Shakespeare calls him 'False, Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence." 

Who was saying what to whom for the brother of two kings of England to be arrested and charged with the crime of treason? Certainly his brother Edward was sure that he had his eye on his throne and according to Professor Michael Hicks, George's conviction was a " precondition for Gloucester's accession in 1483"

So George was accused of rebellion, slander and allegiances with the 'enemy' and eventually convicted, a bill of attainder passed and his execution was arranged for third week of February 1478.

It is my belief is that he was his own worse enemy

What's yours? 

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