Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Amazing Historical Coincidences or Dreams Do Come True.

This morning I was thinking whilst the dog was exhausting herself chasing her tail and I, drinking my second cup of tea, if there would be anything exciting, apart from words of course, inside the two books I am expecting the postman to deliver today. 

Sometimes when you buy an old book it has more inside it than just the story, you will know what I mean, things like dried flowers, newspaper clippings an old photo. How many of you hope for this when you purchase an old book? I do all the time! I really hope something of historical importance will flutter to the ground and my dream is to find something Richard III related. 

I decided that this thought would make an interesting blog so after the mornings chores which included removing the tail from the dogs mouth were done, I turned on my computer and searched for an image that would illustrate my point ........now here comes the coincidence......I found this:


Apart from being very exciting its also very strange, as I only started writing notes for a blog regarding Lord Byron yesterday........ Amazing!!!

Now I have every confidence, that one day I will find the lost Last Will and Testament of King Richard III nestling in an old book

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