Friday, 5 September 2014

First Edition Prints of The Battle of Bosworth, Richard III and the Leicester Dig

First Edition Prints   

Battle of Bosworth

My daughter Alice has just illustrated a children's book by Leicester author Rosalind Adam entitled The Children's Book of Richard III, which has been for sale a couple of months. Alice is now selling first edition prints from the book, one is of the Battle of Bosworth, one of King Richard himself and another of the Leicester dig, these lovely images are here for you all to see and a link to her shop if any of you are interested in purchasing one of them. They are, as I say, first editions  and of which she is selling 25 of each. 

I am lucky enough to have the original painting of the battle :)
I hope you all enjoy looking at them. 

Alice has a website too, you can see some of her other work and take a peek inside her studio.