Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Richard III: The Road to Bosworth

                                                 19th August 1485.

It is probable that Richard attended prayers in the Church of St Mary de Casto before leaving for Bosworth and no doubt he would have worshiped here when he visited Leicester Castle in 1483.

The Church of St Mary de Castro was built within Leicesters Castle walls, its name meaning St Mary of the Castle. It was founded by Robert de Beaumont, one of only fifteen men proven to have been with William the Conqueror at Hasting, in 1107. This church, along with many sites at Leicester lay testament to the importance of Leicester throughout history. John of Gaunt was the churches patron and it is known that King Henry VI was knighted here and that Geoffrey Chaucer may have married here.

My image below, taken early this year, shows part of the rear of the church, note the lovely line of grotesque heads.

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