Sunday, 25 May 2014

To have a beard or not to have a beard, this is the question.

Pogonotrophy is the act of growing and grooming facial hair, today it is not an issue, but in the past facial hair was, on one hand, a sign of virility, yet on the other, a sign of rebellion against the church and as we shall see, by Tudor times, a beard brought in much needed revenue. 

In Greek society, a man with a beard was considered wise and knowledgeable, Alexander the Great however, thought differently, he forced the men of his armies to shave, for he feared that an enemy could use the beard to their advantage thinking that they would grab at it during hand to hand combat and thus be victorious. 


A Greek battle scene, some men have beards others do not

The story of the beard including Henry VIII's views on the beard continues on my website 


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