Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Richard III, The Judicial Review and Leicester's Cathedral.

Most of you will know that four days ago the High Court in London released the findings of the judicial review into the re internment of Richard III. The judgement was as follows:

"For the reasons set out above, in our judgement, there are no public law grounds for the Court interfering with the decision in question. In the result, therefore, the Claimant's application for Judicial Review is dismissed"

As a supporter for the re internment of the mortal remains of King Richard III in the Cathedral in Leicester, I am pleased with the findings, but this was a case that should never have happened, instead of the discovery of Richard's remains adding a new chapter, it detracted and waylaid the course of Richards story totally unnecessarily.

This year I have watched Richard the human being and Richard the medieval king fade into the back ground, he had become like an old toy placed on a high shelf, forgotten as a new arrival gets all the glory. This new arrival is a collective, a group whose members are the Judicial Review itself, the Plantagenet Alliance, and everybody else who climbed aboard the bandwagon, it became a separate entity that wallowed in Richards light, and its own story grew and grew Richard's became dimmer and dimmer, and it will I am afraid, never be forgotten.

Out of the many issues concerning this case, I never understood the problem many had with Leicester University and the exhumation licence. It seemed to me, at the time, everything was done correctly and this has since been proven to be the case, and according to the official documents, it is this establishment who were the only ones who stayed true to their original statement, no dithering, changing of minds or sitting on the fence. Also I have never understood the reasoning behind all the accusations brought against the University of Leicester and the cities community cashing in on the discovery, or that the cathedral itself is some sort of monstrosity. What has the exterior aesthetics of this building got to do with anything and to argue this point is irrelevant in the least and insulting at most. Leicester's cathedral is never going to be as magnificent as that of York's, Lincoln's or Durham's, however, what is important is what's inside. Leicesters Cathedral is as beautiful inside as those previously mentioned, but its decoration is not what I am talking about, this building is house of God and this of course, would have been of importance to Richard and in that, just like any parish church, it is equal to any Cathedral in this country and that is why it is a suitable place in which to lay a king to rest.

Returning to the judicial review, I would like to refer you to a piece of work by Matthew Lewis, who has, in his blog summed up quite brilliantly how I feel, about not just this case, but of King Richard III himself, he has also written of it in a way I could never aspire too. He, like me, just wants Richard's real story to be told but he like me thinks that the events of this year will be hung around Richard's neck along with that of the story of the two princes. I have to say at the contents of Matthew's blog truly tugged at my heart, he is a true Ricardian and has written a wonderfully passionate piece of work, so please do read it.

You can find Matthew's blog here: 

and the transript of the judicial review here:

 You can find out what the plans are the the City of Leicester in this short video.

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