Thursday, 27 March 2014

On The Trail of my 13th Century Ancestors

In the beginning there was the Domesday

I was in Cornwall at the beginning of the week and today I have whizzed across the boarder into the County of Devon, to the tiny village of Meavy in search of my thirteenth century ancestors. The spelling of Meavy's varies but its appears originally as Mewy and it is this spelling I am interested in. Alice Mewy added this manor, which had been held by her family under the Lordship of the Pomeroy family since 1236, to that of the lands of her husbands family which within two generations takes me back to sunny Cornwall.


After the conquest of England, the Manor of Meavy was given to Robert the Bastard, who some claim to be the illegitimate son of the Conquer, but I am not convinced. Mewy at Domesday is listed as having:

Taxable units: Taxable value 0.5 geld units.
Value: Value to lord in 1086 £0.4. Value to lord c. 1070 £0.3.
Households: 2 smallholders. 1 slave.
Ploughland: 2 ploughlands (land for). 1 lord's plough teams.
Other resources: 0.25 lord's lands. Meadow 2 acres. Pasture 0.5 league * 2 furlongs mixed measures. Woodland 0.5 acres.

Just waiting to hear from the Devon Records Office then I start my travels forward in time keeping you informed along the way and will be posting my full Mewy family history at some point on my genealogy page

I'll start at the beginning with this image of Meavy in the Domesday book.


  1. Oh, what an interesting journey you have started. I have also traced my family back to the 1300s and I so much wished that I could go further back in time, but that seems to be impossible. I dream of all the places I have read about during my investigations, and some of them I've been to, and it is a very special feeling to trod the ground of your ancestors, and it is also a very strange feeling that a totally different family live at these places now. I wish you good luck with your investigation.